Beauty House  in  Läkarhuset

Beauty House

Located in Läkarhuset Västertull in Hudiksvall, Sweden the area to health care services.

Thailand Traditional Medicine with massage & spa.  Alternative Medicine and Natural Therapy with Thai herbs.

Beauty House 

Is the beauty by the art of massage & spa for good health. This will promote conservation cultural Thailand. The Thai massage is treasure of Thailand to  blend harmoniously with the modern evolutionary. Thailand import herbs used in spa treatments for beauty and health, from the inside to the outside, to be recognized in the world.

Beauty House

Is the beauty in the land of Sweden with Thailand nationality, one of the best selection of spa and beauty.

Focus on blending the art of Thai massage to soothe and cleanse the skin. Swedish  massage succeed enhance health by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic system. By combining knowledge from the past to the present from Thailand, to international cross-resident called wisdom adross the continent.

A cross-border, transnational cultural preservation science of aromatherapy and taste as well as 9 of the characteristics of each element. Thailand import herbs (Turmeric, Curcumin, Tanaka) natural producs (Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure & Organic Olive Oil and Aloe Vera) as an alternative of the spa treatment to enhance global acceptance of the Thailand wisdom that is safe and effective.

Beauty Consultant & Skin Therapist