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What is Oil Massage

Oil massage is the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body using massage oils to relieve tension or pain. This is a very popular massaging technique used all over the world. Oil massages can be very relaxing and are more gentle than traditional Thai massaging.


Massaging usually takes place on a massage table. Since the massage involves rubbing oil into the body, the recipient of the massage may have to get naked or use very little clothing. As mentioned above, oil massaging uses gentle rubbing and kneading instead of the more powerful movements used in Thai massaging. The use of oils can have a strong effect and make the skin soften. Moreover, oil massage can improve blood circulation, relax the body, and calm the mind.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

It is a type of massage that uses hot stones as a heat diffuser to different areas of the body instead of pressing with palms. These stones evenly applies pressure to the muscles, and the heat can well transfer to the inner skin. As a result, they help reduce pain and stiffness. And when the heat transfers into the body, it also stimulates blood circulation. Regular stone massage will also brighten your skin. To sum up, we can get full benefits from it.

What kind of stone is used?

 You might be wondering what kind of stone is used and whether such stone is man-made. The answer is: most stones used are basalt, a rock formed from rapid lava cooling on the earth’s crust. Basalt has a fine texture, its surface is quite porous, and, most importantly, it is a stone that can hold heat very well. Formed from lava, this stone is rich in various minerals. To be used in the massage, it must be cut and polish so that its surface is smooth and is the right size to massage each muscle group. Suitable stone size will make heat transfer into the inner muscle fully.

Benefits from this type of massage


  1. Stimulating blood circulation
  2. Reducing muscle pains and stiffness
  3. Alleviating premenstrual pain
  4. Relieving stress, fatigue and the symptoms of office syndrome.
  5. The minerals from the stone will help make your skin glow
  6. The heat helps detoxify the pores

What is a bamboo massage?

This is a type of holistic treatment which utilizes bamboo canes. During the treatment, a therapist will use a variety of differently sized bamboo canes. The size of the cane will vary depending on your body type; desirable treatment outcome and the area treated; the larger the area, the bigger the cane. 


What are the benefits of the bamboo massage?

Bamboo massage has many benefits. It still represents fertility, youth, prosperity, serenity and durability in China, Japan and Indonesia, countries which the treatment was first used. Today, bamboo massage helps to promote the circulation enhancing the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to help with recovery and healing, helps to reduce various pains and aches such as lower back pain, neck and shoulder pains and aches and general muscle soreness. It may also help to tone up and loose weight by breaking down fat cells. You will need more than one treatment to see the results for that. Moreover, bamboo massage helps to relax your body and mind helping you manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia at the same time as making you alert and fresh in your mind. 


What is a warm bamboo massage?

Warm bamboo massage is very similar to the hot stone massage. Just like during a normal session, a therapist will use bamboo canes which will vary in size. However, the major difference is that the canes used will be quite warm. Warmth of the bamboo canes will help to penetrate deeper into the tissue which helps to achieve better and longer lasting results.

What is Maya Abdominal Therapy?

A traditional and natural therapy, Maya abdominal therapy is a gentle massage technique that focuses on the abdominal muscles, connective tissues, and internal organs. Also called a fertility massage, womb massage this technique helps to guide organs back into the proper places. When the body and internal organs are in complete alignment, congestion and blockages are reduced so that energy, communication, and nutrients can flow freely and waste can be properly removed.

When we perform our Maya abdominal therapy, we focus on both sides of the body, targeting the stomach, womb, and lower back areas. Specifically, we aim to align the uterus. This is the very place where all life begins. It is the center of a woman’s body, and when it is out of balance, so is the rest of your body.

By using gentle manipulations to restore balance to your abdomen, Maya abdominal therapy improves the body’s ability to heal itself by ensuring the center of your body is in an optimal state of health.